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Spirit Release

Spirit Release, sometimes called Spirit Releasement, has its roots in antiquity. Most cultures recognize the influence of discarnate beings and energy forms, and have rituals and healings specifically designed to deal with the problem.

In western culture we have shifted our definition of reality to the declarations of science, which is only beginning to be able to describe multidimensional reality through quantum physics.

Spirit Release offers a perspective to otherwise intractable problems. Addictions, mental illness, medical problems and strange behaviors are frequently initiated or inflamed by the presence of these energy forms.

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This is not to say that removing attachments is the only remedy needed. Self responsibility is very important; a person must honestly make changes for any release to be fully effective. If the presence of an entity has damaged the body, medical care may be needed for recovery after the release. Spirit Release is not a miracle cure. It is simply removing an obstruction in the energy field which may be unnoticed by other disciplines. Spirit Release is a compliment to other forms of healing including traditions of medicine and mental health.

Spirit Release in Other Traditions

Classical Five-Element Acupuncture has a protocol involving "Ghost Points" to treat entity attachment or what some practitioners refer to as "energetic blocks of emotional fixation." The tradition teaches that these points must be worked with and blockages removed before treating any other ailments.

Homeopathy describes miasm (or miasma) as an energetic holding pattern, which makes one predisposed to a particular pattern of imbalance, either physical, mental or emotional. This pattern can be passed through families. The code is stored in the chromatid layers of the cell. When carefully traced, these patterns emerge as links to deep memory of previous life experiences, and can be cleared.

In the East Indian culture, the Sanskrit word Samscara or Samskara translates as "scar of the soul". This imprint in the energy field acts as a magnet to attract further experience that is thematically similar, until the psychic scar can be healed and released.

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Is Spirit Release the same as Exorcism?

Spirit Release is often confused with exorcism. The level of possession indicated by exorcism is very rare and the traditional exorcism technique creates unnecessary confrontation with the possessing spirit or energy.

In contrast, Spirit Release simply bundles up the interfering energy and returns it to the GodMind. We work with the powerful higher angelic frequencies of Light. Spirit Release makes certain that whatever is released is safely, taken away so it can never return, and never infect another person. Whatever is removed is replaced by Light.

It is not necessary to hold any particular spiritual belief for release to occur.

How is Spirit Release connected to Past Life Therapy?

Spirit Release is an important component if one is interested in Past Life Therapy. Many of the "past lives" which surface belong to the possessing entity and not the client. Whole sessions can be dedicated to the wrong person or an interfering energy. Therefore, in this work, the focus is on the clearing of entities. A past life will automatically surface where it is important as part of the deeper release.

Sometimes people are curious about who they have been in previous lives. Pursuing past life information for its own sake is not what this work is about. In this era, we have the opportunity to free ourselves of controlling energies which have been present for multiple lifetimes. This work focuses on release, rather than telling another story.

Any clearings you accomplish in this life will affect all lifetimes of your soul personality.

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Can Spirit Release be done long distance or by proxy?

Yes, long distance work is possible either remotely or over the telphone. Additionally, in the case of children, or those incapacitated for some reason, we can work by proxy. That means, another person acts as an intermediary.

In these types of remote healing, spiritual permission is always obtained from the Oversoul of the person needing release work. If the soul has a reason for holding on to the difficult pattern, this is respected and the release work is not done.

The Process

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